With over four decades of serving the financial needs of residents in and around Texas, Alpha Financial Group is a trusted source for financial advice and money management. And when people consider their retirement needs, Alpha Financial has the expertise to design retirement plans that secure monthly income for the future, so their clients can rest easy.

The Alpha
Financial Difference

For more than 40 years, Don Goodwin of Alpha Financial Group has been helping people find their financial paths to successful retirements. His main focus has always been to provide sound financial advice to clients so that they don’t have to significantly alter the lifestyle they are used to living when they enter retirement.

In the Texas area, Alpha Financial offers the person-to-person customer service of a boutique financial company with all of the expertise to match any of the giant corporate entities. They help their clients stay on the road to financial stability before and after retirement.

Maximizing Social Security

It’s too easy to earn less than your full Social Security income if you don’t have someone to review the complexities of how the payments work with you. Don Goodwin at Alpha Financial Group has been helping residents in Texas get the most from their Social Security for the last 40 years.

Making choices about Social Security involve timing and planning. Make sure you maximize your income by working with a financial professional. You’ve worked too hard to miss out one the full amount you’re due.

Tax-Free Retirement

There are ways to minimize your taxes, whether through insurance instruments, IRA rollovers, charitable donations or other methods — and Alpha Financial Group can show you how to best accomplish this important financial task.

The unnecessary payments you make in taxes can seem minor upon first glance, but they compound year after year. Why not rest assured with the knowledge that you are only paying what you owe — and not one cent more.

Wealth Management

There are many ways to manage a financial portfolio, but working with someone who can minimize risk is especially important for those looking to retire in the near future. At some point in your investment career, risk cedes to security, and you look to generate regular monthly income for retirement.

Alpha Financial Group knows how to maximize financial portfolios for profit, and more importantly, they know how to protect them when the time for risk-taking comes to a close and retirement planning takes precedence.


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